How To Get An Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

Get Your Card in 3 Steps

Hello! Thanks for joining me to find out how to get your medical cannabis card in Ohio.

To obtain a cannabis card in Ohio, it’s a simple three-step process.

  1. First step: See a licensed Ohio practitioner and get approved.
  2. Second step: You apply to the state.
  3. The third step: Receive your card.

Now let’s break those down and simplify.

First: If you are of a qualifying age, an Ohio resident, and have a qualifying condition, visit us at and book an appointment with a licensed physician.

The physician will review your medical records and determine if you qualify.

After approval by your physician you’ll simply submit your application, along with physician approval and the state will review and approve your application. There’s a fifty dollar application fee from the state.

The final step is receiving your medical cannabis card. Once your card is in hand, you can visit one of Ohio’s cannabis dispensaries to purchase your medication.

So, that’s it! It’s a simple process.

Get My Ohio Card

Visit for more information. Happy healing!