Schedule an Appointment with Medical Marijuana Doctor in Ohio

Are you or a loved on suffering from a qualifying condition and are interested in medical cannabis? Contact one of our experienced Medical Marijuana doctors in Ohio. Our doctors are available to help you today! TruReleafMD offers telemedicine appointments only.

What to Expect at your Medical Marijuana Doctor Visit

TruReleaf MD complies completely with Ohio Administrative Code- 4731-32-03

Step 1: Telemedicine Appointment

You physician must perform a live telemedicine consultation with you to assess your qualification. TruReleafMD offers telemedicine appointments only, so you can have your appointment from the comfort of your own home!

Step 2: Medical Marijuana Doctor will Review Records

Your TruReleafMD Physician is required to review your medical history, including medical records.  We can assist you in obtaining those records if needed. However, if you have those medical records, please fax or email to TruReleafMD prior to your scheduled appointment,  or have them ready for your virtual appointment.

Step 3: Doctor Provides Recommendation if you Qualify

Once your physician determines you have a qualifying condition under Ohio law, your ID card can be printed on the spot! This means, in many instances, you may be able to visit a dispensary and purchase medical marijuana on the same day as your appointment with your medical marijuana doctor.

Step 4: Annual Follow-Up Appointments

According to Ohio law, you must follow up with your physician once a year to renew your Ohio medical marijuana card.